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October 31, 2004

Blogging Vacation

I'll be back.

October 11, 2004


October 7, 2004

Latest SurveyUSA NC poll

Bush lead widens slightly, Bowles lead shrinks to a single point (the recent ads reminding voters that he was [gasp] Clinton's chief of staff?), Easley still in the driver's seat. The details. (PDF) (An NRO contributor believes that a couple of polls are about to come out giving Burr a slight lead.)

Important Flu Column

Take the flu vaccine shortage seriously. With fewer healthy people taking the vaccine, that means there will be more people transmitting the disease to high-risk people. Not good. Wash your hands, everybody...

World Puppet Police

Morning Edition had a great on-the-set story about Team America: World Police this morning. I've always thought Parker and Stone are (a) gifted but (b) far too vulgar for my tastes. So I'll probably give this one a miss. That said, the aesthetic of setting puppets on fire (and leaving their wires visible on camera) sounds really funny, and you can hear the sadness in the lead puppeteer's voice when he complains about how Parker and Stone insisted on using "live puppets," not "stunt puppet doubles," when it was time for serious dismemberment.