April 8, 2004

coming soon JW.O 2.0

I was in the midst of a "less is more" phase when I threw together jeffreyWilliams.org. Very little color(save the masthead), no fancy javascript(except for the one on the About page that automagically does my age), and no db backend. Just a simple framework and static content.

I've started working on version 2.0 recently and have almost completed the homepage layout. I'm going with the blurb in iframe idea, with links to the full articles.

This time around, more color. I'm keeping the filesize down, but there will be a LOT more color this time around, possibly that will change according to the time of day on your machine when you come to visit. I'm also putting in a widget to tell you what browser your running, just as advertisement and to promote other browsers. Later on, I may adjust content or layout based on browsers, but for now X-compatability is key.

Keeping the filesizes and http requests is also a goal of mine. I may try to put all my images on one file and have CSS reference them from there, but that's a relatively low priority.

I want to get the new framework up and then make a real db-driven site and backend out of it. Something homegrown and hopefully less likely to get hacked.

I may post some comps or mockups for people to vote on, or I may just put them all out there and have people try them out, or both?

I'm going to take a stab at some RSS work as well, importing some news stories into one section of the site. I'm not sure which yet, so if any of you have any suggestions, I'm open.

This time around, I'm heavily flirting with a no table design. All <div>'s with heavy CSS formatting as well as transitional HTML compliance. Supposedly, this loads faster than table rendering and is more consistent. We'll see...

Next: Site comps!

Posted by Jeffrey at April 8, 2004 12:52 AM
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