June 16, 2005

A Practical Guide to Linux by Mark Sobell

I bought this book back in `97 and has been an indispensable resource for me. I only thought about doing a plug for it today when one of my coworkers asked for the ISBN on it.

If you want a solid intro. to Linux book that doesn't favor one distro over another, yet is comprehensive enough to get most any beginner up and running, this is the book for you.

My only gripe is that I think he did only one edition, so the material he covers is around Kernel version 2.0 or so. For beginners, this isn't much of a complaint. Most, if not all, of the commands are still the same and many of the applications are just as popular now as then.

This and the Linux in a Nutshell by Oreilly is what most people would need to use linux once it's up and running.

Posted by Jeffrey at June 16, 2005 4:34 PM
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