June 19, 2005

IMPS - Relentless == h00t

From those zany $#*@'ers who brought us TROOPS

IMPS - Relentless

The same sort of humor as in Troops, just further expanded and much, MUCH more CGI.

Memorable Quotes:

Trooper to "Predator"-like alien: "Ok, here's your frisbee back, try not to hurt yourself with it."

Trooper 1: "Which floor are we on?"
Trooper 2: "I think the 16th."
Trooper 1: "Ok, let me know when we get to the 21st. I'm going to puke."
Trooper 3: "Just remember to take off your helmet this time."

Well worth the download folks. Serious upgrade on the announcer as well.

Posted by Jeffrey at June 19, 2005 7:57 PM
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