August 24, 2005

Stress, Lack of Sleep

Well, Tami and I are moved in, but the unpacking process has been longer and more stress-inducing than we originally anticipated. That and we're still fighting with Disaster One for the money they owe us for being 2.5 months over on a 2-week project. I'm leaving that to the landlord and his insurance agent, but it still bothers us.

Mel Schumaker has 2 more chemo treatments before they go in for another PET scan to see if it's doing anything for her pancreatic cancer.

Tami and I went to two of Greensboro College's socials this past weekend. One was at the lovely home of Paul Leslie(apologies if the name is misspelled), where we were introduced to other new faculty members. The other was an equally lovely dinner for the entire GC faculty at the OB ranch in Pleasant Garden. More on that experience in a later blog.

We helped a friend of a friend move in next-door this weekend. Turns out her previous landlord was someone I knew who turned out to be a lot more crackers than I thought they were. I really feel for my new neighbor and her situation.

My project officially lifted one wing off the ground today and scraped the other on the tarmac. Good stress... Happy stress...

Did I mention we still haven't finished unpacking?

Classes started last week. My professor, while nice in person, will smack the taste out of your mouth if you wrong her in class. I witnessed it first hand at the last 15 minutes of the first class. A student comes in early for his next class and she stops the whole class to stare him down and ask him 3 times to wait outside. Had she removed his head and dribbled it down the aisle for a lay-up, I wouldn't have blinked. Jinkies. As opposed to last semester, where I was inundated with study guides, SI classes,etc, it is just a review of our reading assignments and maybe an in-class question once in a while. I don't know if the term "teaching-style decompression sickness" exists, but it's the first term that comes to mind.

It took me 1.5 hours to move my car from one deck to the other.

I need to go home and visit my folks. My mom had her eye surgery a month ago.

There's only one cable outlet in the new apartment(in the living room). Tami's happy with her machine being out here, but I have to put mine in the guest room(for space purposes). I have the means to connect to the internet via wireless, but I'm not using that for my day-to-day usage. I'm debating on the best possible method for running cat 5e about 50 feet or more to create a hard-line for my system.


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