October 18, 2005

Dell 2005FPW

Tami has been searching for a new system and finally found it in the Dell Dimension 9100. The system came with the monitor listed above, but Tami loves her 1901FP, so I agreed to purchase the 2005FPW from her.

My first reaction to it is that 20" in widescreen doesn't look as big as in the normal format, but it's plenty big enough for what I use it for. The second, more strong reaction is the response time this monitor posts. I can't quote exact numbers, but it sports a crisper, brighter image with as good if not better response rate than my venerable GS780. I can play Republic Commando in widescreen with no stretching, ghosting, or washed-out color. Even a quick 180 spin won't provide that tell-tale ghosting you usually get with flat panel monitors.

I'm also loving the regained real-estate on my desk. All of Dell's flat panels have the same or nearly the same footprint. It's great being able to lay a book down in front of the screen without having to have a desk 50" deep. So if you're in the market for a new monitor, I'd recommend the Dell 2005FPW or it's bigger sibling, the 2405FPW (Diagonal & model year (05) Flat Panel Widescreen = 2405FPW).

Posted by Jeffrey at October 18, 2005 3:32 AM
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