January 28, 2006

PCI-to-VGA irq allocation wierdness

For some reason, when I was going through and trimming up my BIOS, my Fedora wouldn't boot, giving me some silly IRQ 10 "Nobody Cared!" error message.

Hey, I cared! Anywho, turns out that even if you don't have a PCI video card installed in your system, linux would still like for you to keep PCI-toVGA irq allocation enabled in your BIOS. I guess it's a safe measure in the event that you do have to put one in, but can't it just see that I don't have one installed and go on?

Anyway, if you run across this error in your linux OS, try enabling PCI-to-VGA (or VGA-to-PCI, whichever) IRQ allocation and see if that works.

Posted by Jeffrey at January 28, 2006 7:15 AM
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