January 14, 2009

VMWare Server 2.0

It's been out of beta for a while and I finally got around up upgrading my home install. It currently runs my home LAN's DNS(CentOS) and I hope to use it more for hosting Linux environs for my upcoming CSC classes(watch them use MS apps now, ugh).

The *new* web-based interface(I've seen it for ages at conferences with the more 'grown-up' versions) is nice and a lot more slick and responsive than I originally expected. Much more robust as well, kudos to VMWare for that.

Memory footprint: OK, tomcat sits around munching 95MB of RAM and my system idles at about 1.5GB usage. However, that's with Vista and CentOS running(512MB to CentOS). Not bad!

Disk space: Installer was about 580MB, installation was around the same size. Back in the day when disks were under 20GB this may have been an issue, but nowadays disks and memory are so cheap that there's almost no pro or con to them, so long as they don't impact performance.

Performance: first gloss is that it looks to be the same. We'll see after a couple of sessions of TF2 and L4D how things pan out. Pings do not seem to be affected negatively since I went to local DNS service.

Notes: Fedora Core 10 developer spin chokes after eth0 up. I'll have to see if the live disk does the same thing or not. I'm sure Ubuntu'll be fine, but I still hold out hope for the local guys.

Posted by Jeffrey at January 14, 2009 8:23 PM
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