January 23, 2005

Superbowl 2005: Go Patriots!

Being a coastal carolinian, I sometimes find my taste in sports to be a little dissimilar with my inland brothers and sisters. While I used to live for college basketball(schoolwork having curtailed my freetime for it), football was only exciting if it was NC State, Ga. Tech, or Maryland playing, and NASCAR just looks like rush hour on a closed circuit(I mean really! I used to drive like that daily! Why would anyone pay money to see someone else do it for hours, and not get anywhere! I digress, that's another blog entry). As for pro football, I really don't care for any of the southern teams.

I became interested in pro football when I was introduced to it properly by a Jason Mosby. He is a fan's fan of Pro football. You name any player in the league and he could tell you the position he played and how well he's been doing the past couple of years. He had solid theories on teams that I wasn't hearing on sportscenter and he could tell you the strengths and weaknesses of every team out there. He also introduced me to the patriots back in 1999, before they won a superbowl.

I mainly became interested in them because they were a team that were greater than the sum of their players. You didn't have any one person like Vick of the Falcons whose talent dominated the team, nor did you have any particular team(defense, offense, or special) that dominated in its talents more than the other. It was a well-rounded program that actually played, won, and lost as a team. This kind of setup and mentality struck a chord with me and caused me to keep track of them. Since then, they have gone on to win the Superbowl numerous times and set a league record for most consecutive wins(21).

I can't say that I've watched every game of theirs, but that doesn't make me any less excited for Feb. 6. I'm hoping for an exciting game.

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January 19, 2005

PostgreSQL 8.0 released

PostgreSQL GDG has just released v8.0.0 of their RDMS software. Some of its new tricks include native running on Win2k, XP, and 03(no mention of NT itself, so I'm guessing not), savepoints (very, very handy in complex stored procedures), Tablespaces(think partitioning for DB systems), better buffer managment, can now change column types with ALTER TABLE, and others. They have a couple of other interesting downloads as well(GUI's, SSPL's, API's, etc.)

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January 11, 2005


Sometimes I just have more than one thing to report on, and knowing that me and the two or three other folks won't read back through past blog posts, I decided to condense them and put them into one, odiferous post.

-Spanglish: 3.33 stars.
-I shall call him: Mini-mac
-The P4 drama continues.
-Class begins! BIO-111: your class is mine!

Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni, Paz Vega, Thomas Hayden Church
Directed by: James L. Brooks (As Good As It Gets)
Score: 3.33

Spanglish is a rather cute film that explores the challenges facing a single mexican mother(Paz Vega) raising her child as well as the issues of a "Post-90's" man dealing with his restaurant business and a rather unstable wife(the scrumptious Téa Leoni), and the child, who serves as an early conduit of communication between her mom and the rest of the family.

Spanglish was different in that while the husband may have been easy going and somewhat whipped. He wasn't whipped enough not to stand up for himself when push came to shove with his family. I appreciate movies that don't make the father out to be a grown up child, but also has serious flaws as well.

Definate Chick Flick movie, but not chick-centric. Not as funny as what everyone makes it out to be(definately not an Adam Sandler movie), but it's worth seeing on video or a V-day movie. Adam is making a name of himself playing the type of self-doubting, troubled male role, and while this role doesn't really let him expand much, maybe he'll land something more experiemental for him, or Happy Gilmore 2.

Mini-Mac: the bite-sized Mac

Measuring 6.5"^2 and 2" tall, this has to be the tiniest mac desktop ever with the possible exception of the i-cube. While the specs are not as impressive as its larger brethren, the Mac Mini makes a case for PC users to ask for Apple. The video card is the second biggest limiter in pack: the ATI 9200 32MB. My desktop from 2000 had 32MB of ram, which is fine for 99% of your desktop activities, but don't expect it to be a game demon. My primary concern is with cooling. The only venting I see on the machine is the rear vents behind what looks to be the optical drive. Perhaps where apple can make the biggest dent with this is the market for micro-PCs. Many of the micro-PC systems out today are not of the highest quality workmanship(with the exception of some from dell which I found to be pretty slick). The Mac Mini's, if designed and built well, could put a dent in the segment for those who want a tiny computer in the house and are adept to handle something non-MS. I would certainly be interested in buying one if the cooling and workmanship questions are resolved favorablly. More on this later, perhaps?

P4 Drama
I don't know what it is about this machine I put together this past August, other than to say that either I or it is cursed. I've ran memtest so many times on it using so many memory timings with errors coming up, I've decided to RMA both the board and the RAM and just try again. The RAM is rare and will have to be replaced with something slightly less l33t, but I prefer stability over clock cycles. Maybe I'm just not as l33t as Jay when it comes to memory/board tuning, and maybe my admission will drop this curse! In the meantime, this Mac Mini...

BIO-111: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the microbes
I've got nothing. But my first class was today, and I am pretty excited about BIO-111. I'm hoping once I'll get the science out of the way, I'll just have my language and math requirements left to deal with before I can just sit down and just code each semester. UNCG has already started taunting me with "According to our records, you're a rising Senior, which should mean you graduate next spring. Better start planning to apply to graduate now. Won't it be great to have that off your mind? P.S., if you're not planning to graduate this year, please disregard."


January 10, 2005

CNN to nix "Crossfire"

According to several sources, CNN will be cancelling "Crossfire" after the departure of co-host Tucker Carlson, who wants to makes "interesting television".

Psst. Hey Tucker, come here.... Let me let you in on a secret here... If you're doing news, the stories should be interesting unto themselves, nothing to add!.... If you want to make interesting television, host something on Discovery, Animal Planet, or Speedvision. Do a game show, reality show, sports commentary... Leave the news commentary to someone more qualified. Dennis Miller did the same thing for years and was hilarious.

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