September 18, 2005

September 1, 2005

Jeff, the towing nazi.

Uhm... Hi. My name is Jeff, and I'm a tow nazi...

[Hi, Jeff]

People can't seem to stop parking in our spaces at home, and I can't seem to stop calling the landlord about it, who consequently, can't help but to have them towed at their expense.

[We know, Jeff, we've all been there...]

It's not like there's not a bright yellow sign posted warning potential transgressors, and it's not like McIver parking deck isn't right across the street! $1 an hour, $5 a day! $5 is still less than $160 last I checked.

[It's happened to all of us, we understand what you're going through.]

Here's the cause of my rant. This afternoon, Tami and I went out to dinner at Jack's. When we return, not one, but both of our spots are occupied by neither of our cars. A quick door run reveals that none of our neighbors know them, so we call the landlord to have them towed.

[get on with it!]

Well, just as the second one is being set up for towing, the owners return, the first one is flipping out because his is up and ready to go, the second makes a dash for his vehicle and begins to attempt to drive off. The wrecker blocks him. There's some discussion between the driver, the wrecker operator, and the driver's friend. The driver then starts backing up and out to get around the wrecker, his friend moving the wrecker's equipment, although not before his friend hits it with his vehicle. The driver hauls out leaving the wrecking operator with damaged equipment and his other friend still on the hook for his. The cops are called and his license tag information is given. The other driver manages to get enough money to not be towed.

So my rant is...


My rant is that if you park where you know you're not supposed to, and there is ample parking elsewhere(even if it's for a fee), and you are about to get towed, don't flip-out and jet. Just walk up to the wrecker, tell them it's your car, truck, or SUV(as in this case), you messed up, and offer to slide them slightly less money to go ahead and let you off the hook rather than tow your vehicle.

Running off and damaging a towing company's property is not what I'd call a sound course of action.

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