May 24, 2004

Bissell Little Green

With a baby, several parties, and three years of traffic our capret was looking pretty spotty (he he pun).

So this weekend we bought a little green by bissell. We debated renting a steam cleaner but that would have been (in theory) more work as we would have to move all the heavy stuff around to get under it. The little green looked like a good compromise. It's compact to store easily, sucks up the water and .. it's a shampooer. Unpacking the green was a little disappointing. This is the basic model with no options. That said, it cleaned all the spots on the carpet save one that I really have no idea what it is. There are 2 tanks, one for water/cleaning solution, one for dirty water. I learned that the green is not a vacume cleaner and you should vacume the hell out of the places you plan to clean before using it. It gums up pretty easily which only served to reduce it's suction not render it useless. I had difficulty getting to the location that gumed up , which would seem to be something the designers would have thought of since it IS prone to doing this. Eventually we will steam the rugs, but this will save us from the little spots.

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May 18, 2004


My mom is here watching Oakel for us while our sitter is taking a break. Tonight the whole family went over to a local grade school so Oakel could run around and play and get tired.

After running around for about an hour to an hour and a half, playing, sliding, having a grand old time we were talking about leaving. Oakel walked over to the metal balance beam thing my mom had been sitting on for nearly 45 minutes and nose dived landing with a solid Ptang! *crap* that's gotta be a tooth. Blood, three adults suddenly looking very childish and worried. Bleeding baby, is that skin? No that's part of a tooth.

Tomorrow AM we go in to see if our dentist (who we called) can bond it back on, that is if Oakel will let him try.



Welp, the dentist said the damage wasn't so bad. The nerve is ok and if we wanted to have the bonding done then we would have to put him under. He suggested we wait until he's three or so because there is a higher chance of success that way.

Poor little guy is gonna be rough looking :)
Scars on his left arm, scar on his right eyelid, chipped front tooth.
We just have to get him into martial arts now.

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Iron Chef

The beginning of the dream is only haze. Suddenly I'm talking to Iron Chek Morimoto and I think to tell him about the dream I had where the Iron Chef ingredient was eagle. The huge birds shrunk when cooked and the wings came out the size of chicken wings. We talked Iron Chef a little bit and

he asked me if we could talk about something else. He asked me if Mayumi and I liked to golf. I said we certainly did and he wanted to shoot a couple of holes with us. We walked to the golf course behind our house when was down a hill similar to the UNCG golf course in relation to the soccer field with our house on the high ground. We played around chipping and putting when I looked up at our bedroom window and saw Oakel peeking out smiling. I dropped my clubs and said I had to go and for Mayumi to get the clubs. When I got into our room where we usually had the crib on the bed, the crib was disassembled and Oakel was smiling on the bed. I was shocked and relieved he was unhurt. I began to reassemble the bed and Oakel asked me not to put a sheet on the mattress and I told him I had to.

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May 14, 2004

Japanese Drama

The Japanese took the idea of soap-opera and combined it with mini-series to produce a hybrid form of entertainment. These one season runs are quite popular in Japan, Korea, and China. What makes them good?

Having only watched about 5 series myself I am probably not qualified to be a master of the dorama (Japanese Drama) style, and perhaps even naive enough to not be considered and aficionado. What I do know are the things that move me about them. Currently my top three favorite doramas are Long Vacation, Virgin Road, and Summer Snow. Each is a love story and each has itís on level of entertainment. What makes the dorama for me is believability and execution. If you can bring together an outrageous circumstance in a manner that is truly entertaining then you have accomplished your goal, but I still wonít believe it. For examples of this see GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) which is rife with dues-ex-machina. In contrast my favorite dorama Long Vacation is a story which is plausible, and executed in a way that is real and beautiful. Iíll begin writing individual reviews of dorama later I just wanted to point out that to me, realism and execution make for a good watch. I guess thatís why I stopped watching TV so long ago. I also have to mention that a good musical score can really enhance a show.

One last thing and Iím done. I have to give props to Virgin Road for itís interesting shots. They took a chance on some of their cinematography and it really showed. There were times I felt like I was watching a movie more than a dorama. Long Vacation did this to a lesser degree but still made an effort to shoot well.

I realize Iíve said nothing ground-breaking. I know Iíve just repeated what most people may feel makes a decent show. I wanted to get this down once so I could

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May 11, 2004


This is my room, please don't knock before you come on in.

The idea is I'll be putting stuff in here which probably won't interest anyone other than me. Tune in or tune out, the rumpus room is in action.

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