February 14, 2005

Lotus, a saga

As much as I don't want my blog to be a rant, or a whine, occasionally it seems to go there. I'll do my best to keep this from being one of those.

People, be adults, and take the advice ot Ted Theodore Logan, and Bill S. Preston Esquire and "be excellent to each other". What prompts me to awaken my blog in its time of slumber? Well, I've been doing this Unix to Lotus e-mail migration thing for about a year now, minus a few months, and I was given the honor of dealing with potentially angry clients. I feel I have done a good job, actually I feel I have done an excellent job at this, but I'm not patting myself on the back here. What I am getting at here is, the angry people can be catagorized into three types. Crazy, Angry, Ill informed. I like dealing with Ill informed because I can educate them, and bring them into the fold. Crazy is delicate and generally a get in and get out while attempting to give them excellent customer support. Angry.. the angry peple are what I want to touch on to hopefully prevent you from ever being THAT client. These are people looking for someone to blame for what they percieve as a wrong, or a discomfort, or an inconvenience, or just because. Most of the time when an organization makes a decision there has been some thought put into it. I know everyone has exceptions they are itching to point out, or excellent exceptions to this statement, but bear with me. Our orginization went through a lengthy project to make sure we ordered up what was best for the campus. When I say we here I am not saying IT but the campus. Once the campus knew what it wanted it made a choice and IT implimented it. To listen to an angry person, IT jumped in and screwed with everyone forcing them to spend grand sums of their money to upgrade their computers to support a horrible product, all with blatant disregard to the faculty,staff,students.
When you feel yourself growing angry, relax a moment and look at what is going on. Has someone made an error, or has someone made it their personal project to mess with you? If you choose B, you are probably wrong.

Chill out. Take a breath and go outside. Remember that your life will most likely continue with whatever happends, and that you may have alittle more work, or a little more effort, but your employeer decided on this, for better or worse. If you feel like you must react, take some time to be constructive in how you react. Curses and threats and uninformed broad statements only make you appear more foolish. For example, catagorizing people into three groups. I'm sure someone out there will have an opinion on this, and probably post it if they ever happen across my little rant section.

Be excellent to each other.

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