October 13, 2005

Lost inspired my subconscious.

Lost inspired my subconscious.

All I remember about my dream last night.

I was in a room adjacent to the shower. I could hear the shower running and I knew that an ex-girlfriend of mine was in there. I don’t know if I knew she was there because she was in the dream earlier, or because it was magic dream knowledge. The room is pretty dirty not unlike the bunker in Lost last night. I keep wondering what she looks like naked as I never saw her naked. The shower turns off, and around the corner she comes. She is wearing a towel around her waist, or maybe not, I can’t remember that but I distinctly remember that she was covered there but not her breasts. She was slightly wet (as one would expect someone coming out of the shower to be) but her hair was dry now that I think back on it. She leaned in the doorway and talked with me, about what, I don’t know. I remember trying very hard not to give her the elevator stare but I did give her a once over. For all those who knew her this is the one that could kill a party by walking into the room and sitting down. Well she was normal, and happy in the dream.

All I can hope is that in reality she has found the inner peace she had in my dream. That is a weird thing to think of but that is what I thought when I woke up. Well that and I wondered if her breasts were really that nice.

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