June 14, 2006

Time with Oakel

So Mayumi and Sean are in Japan and I'm living with Oakel. He has been a really good kid and although he misses his mom, he seems to understand that she is coming back and isn't too sad.

I've been taking this one on one time to work on a couple of issues. Potty training. This is a slow process. He will sometimes let me know when he needs to go, but most of the time he will say he is fine and then POOP. I can't wait for this to be done. GAH.

Going to bed. Oakel was sleeping by himself for a while. Then he started waking up at about midnight every night. Mayumi started sleeping with him and now he requires it. I've been working on this. I can now put him in bed and lay down for story time. We sing twinkle twinkle little star, and it is bed time. He will stay in his bed and recite the no nos. I don't prompt him for them he just recites them. They go something like.
No jumping on the bed
No playing with the light
No screaming
No running
Stay in the bed

Of course they are in Oakelese but he gets the idea. He still will cry a little sometimes and I have to go sit with him for a while. I feel horrible making him sad like that, but he needs to be able to sleep without someone being there the whole time. Now when he wakes up at night instead of screaming he comes and sneaks into the bed with me :) I'll admit I kind of like that.

I'm also breaking him of taking his bear with him to school. They recently put out a little statement that some kids have been fighting over personal toys and asked that we refrain from bringing them. Going on day 3 without taking his bear and he seems OK with it. Did I mention that I work hard at distraction techniques :)

It will be nice to have Mayumi home. Every day I have a greater appreciation of single parents who actually take the time to raise their child instead of letting them develop into little monsters.

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