April 16, 2008

Japanese tea house

So I think I would like to start landscaping the back yard. One of the things I want to add is a Japanese tea house.

I've been searching around and have found some interesting looking plans and blogs from other folks who have undertaken this project with varying results. One of the problems I will be facing is the distinct lack of sun. My backyard is surrounded by trees which makes my plant selection limited. Many suggestions are to use all native plants to populate your garden, I feel that would not give me the result I want. I suspect I will wind up with some ferns, moss, azaleas, hopefully at least one cherry tree and a Japanese laceleaf maple.

I am also hoping to add in a koi pond as well. Not a huge one but enough to allow for the sound of flowing water, at least 2 levels of water and hopefully a design that would attract frogs as well as birds, but flow enough to keep mosquitoes out of there. It would also be sweet if I could extend it enough to provide a location for a nice bridge and a stone lantern in the water.

If when I start up this project I'll be sure to photo blog it for anyone else who might be interested in doing something similar.

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