August 23, 2007

Try to be funny without being mean

Yeah - that isn't easy. I have seen some comedians do it beautifully. However, I recognize that I am not really funny and now I have to live this... *sigh*

There are few people, I have noticed, that have achieved funny while writing on the net without being mean. One of the problems with writing something on the net (and one of the reasons why I edit myself - see a couple of posts back) is that you never know who is reading your stuff or how they may take it.

After writing the post about living in a cube - I got an email from a co-worker who was apologizing for being loud... coincidence? maybe - but it made me self conscious enough that I took it down. Even though I wrote it with a little bit of tongue in cheek, I realized that if one (or many) of my coworkers WERE to see it, they could take it in a direction that it was not intended.

So now, this leads me to the next question, how do I - purveyor of the unfunny, write in a manner that is witty and about stuff that people will actually want to read? I guess I could start writing about the stuff that occurs in my life - but again - read the above dilemma regarding the cubes... *shrug*

I guess this leads me into actually thinking about the direction I want to take this little piece of electronic real estate...

Posted by Sara at August 23, 2007 9:07 AM