Turning Point Studios was founded to be an electronic group of studios for "high-speed, low drag" creative individuals. We're friends, and friends-of-friends, with a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

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Jay Moran
The Chief Architect of the network for AOL, Jay is the owner of the tp.org domain and server.

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Wandering Words
Jay rambles about his life, work, play, and walking.
Last Updated: Feb 15 08:17 AM
With: What? I have blog?!? Who knew!

Rob's Rumpus Room
Rob's Rumpus Room, come romp with me!
Last Updated: Nov 18 07:03 PM
With: 5 years and 6 months. Ptang revisited

Rants, Remembrances, and Ruminations
Insert 1mg wit supplement here.
Last Updated: Jan 14 08:23 PM
With: VMWare Server 2.0

Just a Few More Minutes
Brought to you by That Chip Guy
Last Updated: Jan 4 09:19 AM
With: Test

Rambling Combativeness of a MadWoman
And we're back... well, maybe?
Last Updated: Aug 28 08:41 AM
With: Trouble in Jena, Louisiana

Cerulean Anima
Blue-blue, like an ocean sky.
Last Updated: Oct 14 05:51 PM
With: Tim's back