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...off the old block?

A couple of nights ago, Will discovered that he could easily climb up the single step from our den to the kitchen. (Looks like it's time to be more vigilant about mopping!) What's more, he just as easily climbed back down the step. Thrilled with his discovery and our enthusiastic reaction, he climbed back up the step then turned around again.

And stopped. Having figured out that "down" is a little more complicated than "up," he had to study the situation. He gingerly reached down, backed up, considered, made another couple false starts, then proceeded to face-plant rather gracelessly.

He was none the worse for wear, and started tearing around the floor again. But I had a flash of recognition. The first time down the step, he just did it. The second time, he thought about it, dithered, then tumbled. Just like his Daddy has a tendency to do, in a lot of contexts.

When he was only a couple of months old, he'd stare entranced from his mother's lap as Daddy played Tribes 2.

And one of his favorite toys is an old, de-batteried remote control. With lots of buttons!

Against all expectations, I'm seeing parts of myself in Will. I thought he'd be a carbon copy (albeit male) of his Mom. Don't get me wrong -- there's a lot of her there, especially her brilliant smile (which Will wears much of the time). But I'm in the mix there too, so I can't get away with my constant joke that Will's so cute and smart, I can't figure out who the father is.

Fine by me. As his personality is developing, I'm thrilled to be making connections with him.

All the same, I hope I'll be able to teach him that it's okay to charge down the step sometimes.