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Obviously, parenthood means a lack of sleep. It's a simple equation, no ambiguity.

The Guilty Party

But when your own son, not yet one year old, enlists allies in ensuring a sleepless night, and what's more arranges for that ally to do his dirty work for him while he sleeps through the night -- then you realize that you are already -- not during his teenage years but already -- behind the eight ball.

Sebastian, an extraordinarily affectionate Tonkinese cat, did his master's bidding and claimed my ankles as the optimum place to sleep on a chilly night. And woke me at midnight, and 1:00, and 2:00....


He just wants to be loved...

OK, how old is this cat and he's only NOW getting on your ankles? Damn, 'til we promoted him to outdoor kitty, Hobbes slept on my ankles EVERY NIGHT I WAS HOME FOR EIGHT YEARS.

And it didn't wake me up nearly as much as a baby did. :-)