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I never get tired of this

It's a great thing to have a son. Especially such a happy one.

Parental units and others who would like a bigger version (suitable for desktop wallpaper, Mom and Dad!) can click here. (Right-click on it and choose "Save Picture As..." to download it to your computer.)

Yes, this was his Halloween costume. No, we don't dress him like that regularly.


too... much... cute...! cyncism... fading... must... cut.. off... screen... feeling... weaker...

seriously though - darn cute picture!

*My* son went as a caterpillar. And, in a shameless display of Alexander genetics, he not only got the begging-for-candy routine down on his first try (at 20 months), he also displayed an unnervingly advanced talent for home invasion.

Victoria went as Hermione Granger, which meant Daddy (wearing an Albus Dumbledore dunce cap) had to carry her jacket and her genuine Nimbus 2000 broom.