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Oh Me, Oh My...

Well, this sucks. One of my two favorite bands, Newfoundlanders Great Big Sea, is losing their bassist, Darrell Power. He wasn't a frontman, but a true anchor with a powerful bass voice and he could blow the roof off a place with his acoustic bass guitar. At the end of their concerts, he'd usually wind up in the spotlight singing his trademark traditional song from their first CD, "Excursion Around the Bay:"

Well it was on this monday morning
And the day be calm and fine
A harbour grace excursion
With the boys who had the time
And just before the sailor
Took the gangway from the pier
I saw some fellow haul me wife
Aboard as a volunteer

Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife cry
Oh me, oh my, I think I'm gonna die!
Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife say,
"I wish I'd never taken this excursion around the bay"

He'll be missed.

(In case you were wondering, the other favorite band is rock-and-roll-with-pipes-and-fiddle powerhouse Seven Nations, who will be in Greensboro on February 1 and at Cat's Cradle on February 6. Four stars. Joe Bob says check them out.)