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Wasn't that quite a few years ago?

Quoth the New York Times, a group of liberal broadcasters is trying to put together a package to counter the Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys of the airwaves. And they want Al Franken to lead them.

Well, more power to them, but I'll believe an AM radio liberal counter-empire when I see it. As for Al, he's smart and funny, but the Al Franken Decade expired over ten years ago.


Eh...the problem isn't that there isn't enough left-leaning media. It's that the democrats are too inept to articulate a case for why their ideas are better. Hell, it's been awhile since they even articulated the ideas themselves in any coherent fashion.

The only democrats who can deftly articulate the democratic positions and redicule the republicans are Bill Clinton and Paul Begala. One is retired. The other will (probably) never run for office. The democrats desperately need a fresh face, and no, it ain't John Edwards.