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Sick to my stomach

InsideCarolina.com -- REPORT: Doherty Out as Head Coach

If true -- and at the time I write this, nothing's been officially confirmed -- then either (1) Matt Doherty is the second coming of Bobby Knight or (2) Dick Baddour's travesty of an athletic directorship has needlessly cost UNC a coach who, while imperfect, was heading in the right direction.

Either prospect has me wanting to take my old UNC Marching Tar Heels jacket out of the closet and ship it back. My love affair with college athletics had cooled a bit since my days of playing in the band and being immersed in the culture. This news has just about killed it, at least as far as basketball's concerned.


Damn right. I don't doubt that Doherty had some issues of management *style* that he needed to address. I've never worked for a manager who didn't. But a basketball team is not a democracy. Players don't get a vote on who plays how much, or at least they shouldn't -- and their parents certainly shouldn't, either. If Doherty gets fired over this, I can't imagine a coach in the country with a lick of sense who would touch the UNC job with a 10-foot pole.

If this plays out at the press conference tonight like the media around here seem to think, I am packing up every scrap of UNC clothing and memorabilia and sticking it all in a box, deep in the back of our closet. This has "wrong" stamped all over it in 10-foot-high letters.

Sports Illustrated has some interesting things to say about the situation.

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