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Darn, darn, darn and double darn. (Hey, I'm a parent. I've got to work on my language.)

After a fantastic couple of weekends traveling, including last weekend's visit with my brother in Syracuse, I've got the travel bug. I want to see and do stuff! Alas, the discretionary income for such pursuits is exhausted; there are home improvement chores to do and savings accounts to bolster. So I've been spoiled, and now am paying the price.

So then I discover that three of my favorite bands -- Carbon Leaf, Slainte Mhath (pronounced SLAWN-cha-va) and the Afrocelts (formerly Afro Celt Sound System) -- will be at the Milwaukee Irish Fest in August. Along with other great bands in the genre, including Leahy, the Barra Macneils and Altan.

I could try donating plasma.

I could give up food.



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You could stop buying snacks and soft drinks at the CVS and take water and nosh from home. You could stop buying a latte every time you go into a bookstore. You could cull your comic collection again. You could email friends and family more instead of calling long-distance (I know, goes double for me).

Just some more thoughts :-)

As I just told Shannon on the phone, perhaps the title for this entry should have been, "Wife! Please Jump Up and Down on my Head!"