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Who's Raed?

Theories are popping up that "Salam Pax" of the Where is Raed? blog may actually be a former Iraqi diplomat's son arrested in New York on March 25, the day after the last blog entry.

Think there's a chance that the pseudonymous Salam Pax is actually Raed Rokan Al-Anbuge, and that his entire blog was a hoax, based on his memories of Iraq and what he was seeing on network news plus inspired guesses and a vivid imagination and maybe information gotten from friends back home? If so, it would explain why he seemed willing to take such a terrible risk, posting comments critical of the regime, and revealing information about himself to a stranger in America. Since he would not have actually been in Baghdad to face the potential hell of arrest by Saddam's secret police, the risk would have actually been negligible.

The blogger admits this may only be a coincidence and there might be a real Salam Pax, but still.... The article linked above also offers an interesting case study of another blogging hoax: Kaycee Nicole, the fictional leukemia patient with a heart of gold (whose photo was actually that of a local high school basketball star whom the hoaxer idolized).