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Massed Coo

That was the sound I heard when I visited The Daily Tar Heel Wednesday with my too-sick-for-day-care son in tow. I had to take a couple of half-days so Shannon wouldn't burn all her sick days (as a part-time teacher) during the first month of classes, so I figured I'd take Will on an errand in the process. As my old friend Lisa Reichle led me through the newsroom on a brief tour, Will apparently made an impression on the ladies. A toddler on a college campus is as much a babe magnet as a puppy, except for the small detail that bearing a toddler tends to imply that you are either (a) married, (b) old or (c) all of the above.

If reincarnation were part of my faith, this incident would have had me leaving notes wherever my future self could find them: "In college, get a puppy."

Pushing the stroller, stopping for air conditioning breaks and giving him sips of water, introducing him to Lisa -- for the first time during a UNC campus visit, I felt like a different person than the one who graduated in '92.


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