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E. J. Jones, Brother in Asheville

These concerts I don't think Shannon and I will make, because there's only so much time in the month, and if we go to any more concerts before we know it we will have missed Will's adolescent years.

Anyway, E.J. Jones, bagpiper par excellence late of Clandestine, will be at Jack of the Wood in Asheville with his Willow Band on Saturday, September 20. God willing, his former bandmate and current Asheville resident, Jen Hamel, will stop in.

Then, if Pollstar can be believed (and it tends to jump the gun), Brother will be there on Friday, October 10. Brother is another band that, like Seven Nations, was a rock and roll band in infancy before finding its niche with Celtic rock on the festival circuit then feeling a little constrained by the genre. Dunno how the self-described "Australian Mongrel Rock" band's current experiment, the newly-released Urban Cave, will work out. On the one hand, self-descriptions such as "stepping out into the light with a middle digit to the idea of musical categorization" strike me as trying just a bit too hard.

On the other hand, River, a full track I found at their website, moves. Bagpipes in the background, didgeridoo in the foreground, with layers of drum loops and Edge-like guitar work -- this is tasty stuff. Hopefully I'll have the chance to sample Urban Cave soon.


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