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Miscellaneous Notes

Hi, Alex!
Had my first Blog Surprise the other night -- a friend of mine I see at Seven Nations concerts found my blog. Gasp! Someone outside my close circle of friends reads my deepest, darkest secrets! So much for writing about my hidden scandals -- who would ever have thought that just anyone could find your personal journal on the global Internet!

Belated Review Coming
It's taken me forever to finish the damn book, but I'll be posting a (mixed) review of Al Franken's latest book soon. The words "pot," "kettle," and "black" are likely to be used in some fashion -- but the book has some very redeeming qualities as well.

The Ineffective Bachelor
My in-laws took my wife and son away from me this weekend (to that ants' paradise, Beaufort, NC) and left me all alone. I have not written the Great American Novel. I have not (yet) had any palliative effect on our messy home. I have not had hundreds of scantily clad dancing girls visiting.

Instead I've attended an aikido seminar (managing to get whacked in the head by a guy's elbow, which was attached to an arm roughly as thick as a telephone pole), played computer games, and generally moped about missing my son, who I am convinced will have forgotten his father by the time they return Sunday.


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dang, guess I should have thought about the possibility of future tantalizing scandals before letting that particular cat out of the bag....sigh, foiled again ;-) See you & Shannon on Thursday.