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What am I doing???

I woke up this morning surrounded by green, in Charleston, WV, for an aikido Instructors' Seminar. Foggy, damp, somewhat unearthly when compared to the dry weather I've been accustomed to in Durham. While thunderstorms pounded on the roof of our humid but functional Knights' Inn, flood waters rose in other parts of Kanawha County, washing out roads and rendering people homeless. While I slept, oblivious.

Aikido has continued to be a moving target on my weekly schedule, thanks to continued late days at work and a child with whom I want to spend as much time as I can. As I'm trying to buckle down and finally get a disciplined workout routine in place, I'm discovering that my endurance and conditioning are shot. And now here I am, with six hours of workout today, six tomorrow, and three Sunday.

This has all the makings of a "Scared Straight" experience. Or a trip to the emergency room....


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Ain't budget season lurvly?

Unfortunately, turns out Chip wasn't kidding about the emergency room.

But it was a fellow attendee from Chapel Hill who brought an attacker down on his leg and broke it...