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Power Beyond Imagining

This week I started really feeling the disconnect I've had with so many of my older friends. In the last few months it's been as though I've dropped off the face of the planet for many of them.

So I call my old friend C, out of the blue, on the way home from work yesterday. Turns out she has a surprise for me. She's pregnant.

Today I call my old friend S, out of the blue, on the way home from work. She has a surprise for me as well. She's pregnant, probably within a few days of C.

It seems likely that I have developed the power to make people pregnant with a single cellphone call. (Okay, I'm sure their husbands helped a bit.)

I will test this theory on the way home tomorrow. If I'm right, Mark will have no idea where his morning sickness came from.


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Use the Force for good, young Skywalker!

DON'T call me. :)

How is Mark handling the news?