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His Early Influences

Shannon took Will to the Greensboro Children's Museum this afternoon. She called me an hour ago to tell me that Will was having a great time. One of the exhibits, the Construction Zone, allows children to play in a "half-built" house, complete with PVC pipes to practice their "plumbing" skills. Will assembled three or four lengths of pipe, then looked up at his Mommy and said, "I need drumsticks!"

Somebody's parents possibly let him watch their Blue Man Group DVD with them a few too many times...


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Get that kid Rolling Stones' "Through The Past, Darkly" and quick! (Amazon).

When someone mentions "childrens' songs", I instantly think of "Honky Tonk Women" and "Brown Sugar"... ;)... |-D....

He'll be right as rain in no time...

There is no life so fine that it cannot be improved by the addition of cowbell.