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This Here's a Call to Action

William Saletan at Slate reacts to last night's red-meat Republican Convention activity:

In a democracy, the commander in chief works for you. You hire him when you elect him. You watch him do the job. If he makes good decisions and serves your interests, you rehire him. If he doesn't, you fire him by voting for his opponent in the next election.

Not every country works this way. In some countries, the commander in chief builds a propaganda apparatus that equates him with the military and the nation. If you object that he's making bad decisions and disserving the national interest, you're accused of weakening the nation, undermining its security, sabotaging the commander in chief, and serving a foreign power—the very charges Miller leveled tonight against Bush's critics.

There's some hyperbole there, but that pales in comparison to the Miller speech.


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Jimmy Carter blasts Zell Miller for his RNC antics: