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Surprising Exit Poll Data

I heard this (from PlanetOut Network) on NPR tonight and was, well, surprised:

According to AP's National Election Pool exit polls in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, 4 percent of voters self-identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual, 78 percent of whom said they voted for Kerry; 21 percent voted for Bush and 2 percent voted for independent candidate Ralph Nader. A CNN poll placed the GLB vote at 77 percent for Kerry; 23 percent for Bush.

The gay leaders thought LGBT voters turned out "in record numbers," despite polls showing no change in the 4 percent turnout from 2000 to 2004. What baffled them was the 21-23 percent gay vote for Bush.

"Log Cabin didn't make any endorsement," Log Cabin Republicans Political Director Christopher Barrons told the PlanetOut Network. "I think these are gays and lesbians who went to the polls and made a decision based on a whole variety of issues, and they decided that they still wanted to support the president."


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