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OK. THIS Guy Can't Be Reached.

An arch-conservative columnist proposes in all seriousness that Congress expel the Blue States from the Union.


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Well, actually he claims it's a satire of some kind, a la Swift's A Modest Proposal. Which makes no sense whatsoever, and is just cover. It reminds me of the Texas Republican who said he wanted to hunt Democrats down with dogs and kill them. When challenged, he said he was "only joking." Saying that makes it all right, then, you see, just like saying you take "full responsibility" means you need take none.

Since the election I've read tons of Blue State/Red State mutual loathing until I'm sick to my stomach. I would bet there has been more talk about secession in just this last week than at any time since 1865.

I was about to suggest that maybe we should get all the super-liberals and the right wing nut jobs in one arena and let them shoot it out once and for all. But then I realized that the right wing nut jobs have all the guns.

Actually, some of the uber-liberals have guns too -- I'd post a link to the "SKS Owners for Kerry" site but I just went there and the admin says he's taking it down soon since the election is done.

If you take it at face value, this kinda looks at the issue from the other side.

I don't, however, take it at face value. I think I recognize the writing style, and if I'm correct, the author actually is a Kerry-voting N.C. resident.