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You Know You're a Parent...

...when you suddenly start identifying with the father in Calvin and Hobbes rather than the son.

Wearily, I realize that raising Will and any hypothetical sibling won't just be about teaching. It'll be about winning battles.


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IKWYM. Sam even *looks* like Calvin. I read some C & H the other day and was startled to find I'd turned into Calvin's parents.

My mother says I was Calvin from C&H. If true, that would explain a lot.

And if Will has any siblings, you'd better stop after the first sib. When you have two kids, you can play man-to-man, but after that you have to play zone, which, as we all know, isn't nearly as effective.

Or, as my cousin Jay said after his first child was followed by triplets: "Two kids. Two arms. That's a GOOOOOOOD ratio."