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Tweetsie. Yes, Tweetsie.

A quick note from the free terminal (An old school iMac! R0xx0rs!) at an independent coffeeshop on King Street in Boone. I'm decompressing from having taken Will on his first visit to Tweetsie Railroad. I lived near Boone (Newland) until I was ten years old. Thanks especially to my grandmother Myra, Tweetsie was an at-least annual rite of my childhood. I admit to having had more than a few sweet moments of nostalgia as I walked in front of the General Store and along the rail lines with my family in tow. It's been a very, very good day.

It didn't start off quite so well for Will. We came today because "Thomas the Tank Engine" was here as well, and Will is a fiend for his Thomas trains. We arrived at the themepark in the middle of pudding-thick fog, and as we swung into our parking space I saw "Thomas" up the hill. "Will! Hurry, look! It's Thomas!" Now, I'll update this entry with a photo when I have the time, but imagine a life size railroad train, bright blue, with a giant smiling moon-face plastered on the front. Barely emerging from the fog. Now imagine a three-year-old having only vaguely appreciated the fact that he would be seeing one of his toys blown up to life size.

The boy was a basket case for about 15 minutes. Especially when we got much closer to the train, and he became acquainted with the true volume level of steam engine whistles.

He recovered, and we had one of those happy nuclear family experiences that would likely nauseate many of my readers. Both of you. Fortunately, you are spared any further attempts at a coherent blog entry. In addition to our morning activities, I'm operating on about three hours sleep. For whatever reason, I could not sleep in the old mountain house in Newland -- it felt like I was being roasted from below in the bed while simultaneously shivering from the cold air above. Highly untenable. Absolutely not restful.

Hence, my latte. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend.


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What? No picture yet?

(Pot calling Kettle...come in Kettle)

Both readers? I guess that means me and Woody. Seriously though, I read almost every tp blog entry, including all of yours. I'm sure many others do the same.

Glad you could stop by to visit us down the road in Lenoir! Oh, wait. You didn't.

Swithcing topics: Experiencing any cognitive dissonance over the makeup of the 5-4 split in the Kelo v. New London decision, Chip?

Mea culpa. We were so pressed for time that weekend with Family Stuff that we couldn't make it down that way. I definitely want to do that the next weekend we're up there that we're not spending a day at an amusement park.

Not sure about cognitive dissonance on Kelo, but Jonathan Adler over at National Review argues that it's perfectly constitutional on states rights grounds. But yeah, I'd be right there with Scalia on that one....