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Albannach: Clann an Drumma Offshoot Keeps Scottish Music Tribal

A little lunchblogging: Shannon and I had the pleasure of hearing Clann an Drumma a couple of years ago at the Blue Ridge Celtic Festival. One piper, one occasional vocalist, lots of drums -- it's not great background music for bar chatter, but a great soundtrack for a party. The band has since split in two, with at least three members having formed Albannach, which promises the same kind of tribal spirit to their music. Albannach performs Friday, April 21, at Raleigh's Tir na nOg Irish Pub; Saturday, April 22, at The Galway Hooker Pub near Charlotte; Monday, April 24, at Legends in Boone; and the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in July.

Shannon and I will be missing all the April dates due to our anniversary outing, which is a shame because these guys are a lot of fun to dance to. Check them out.


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