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Public Service Announcement

If you're not going over your credit card statements line-by-line, you should be. Last October, we found a couple of Amazon purchases we didn't make. So we changed our credit card number -- but not before someone used my contact info and the old number to pick up a web hosting agreement with Yahoo. It was only live for about five days before being cancelled. Hate to think what was done with that domain. And, of course, we missed it on the following month's statement.

We only found out about it when I received a "renewal notice" from perennial scam artists and FTC targets Domain Registry of America. "Hey!" I say to myself, "I never registered that!" So for possibly the first time in the "company's" existence, DRoA has done something beneficial. Totally by accident, of course.


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The flip side of that is that if you suddenly start making lots of "uncharacteristic" purchases, the credit card company might call you (as ours did after we spent 2 weeks in Italy in '97) and ask whether your card has been stolen.

Somehow, the fact that Large Credit-Card Corporation was monitoring our purchases didn't make me feel nearly as secure as, perhaps, it should have.