July 26, 2005

Jeffrey Williams 2.0, PASSED OVER.

Ok, lemme explain.

When I first set up my personal web site, I wanted it to be as minimalist as possible. So the design went up with some obligatory text and aside from my photoshopping and blogging, not much was developed with it.

I began work on the redesign and came across a number of things.

  1. Table-less design does work with a little more practice

  2. A lot of the content I would produce can actually be handled by MT. I feel dumb.

  3. 1024 and 1280 are old and busted. Centering the design focus and repping out the edges is the new direction

  4. I needed a more original design. My alpha is too much a rip of Spoono for me to feel comfortable with it. So I'm ditching it and starting over, but I did want to show it to people first, especially in Firefox and IE side-by-side(the Firefox version is MUCH prettier, I might add). I just wanted to see if it could be done...

So as soon as I figure how to use iframes in MT. I'm redesigning the blog. Wheee! JW.O v3, here we come!

Posted by Jeffrey at July 26, 2005 7:36 PM
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