July 23, 2005

48 hour film project 10:21

We had downtime. I made sure we were up to speed on editing and told the editor to take a nap. I planned for him to have a 1 hour nap worst case 2 hour expected and 3 hour best case. His wake up time was based on the next tape delivery which was projected 2 1/2 hours from sleep point. He got 4 hours. Our editor is fresh like a daisy and good for another 24 hours which we won't need. The after effects guy is on task and ahead on the next edit. Sound guys are fixing some bad sound issues and have wrapped the director's changes to music. I think we will wrap this tape edit in 3 hours tops (for the editor) and get it to the after effects guy in pieces while he edits concurrently. The 3D guy is working from his house on the end credits. We should have complete credits and thank yous within the hour. I think we will close earlier than planned I would love for those who will be attending he after party tonight to have a nap ahead of time so they can enjoy themselves.

I am feeling amazing considering the little sleep I've had. If I had only had this much sleep during a work week I would be a zombie, but I'm feeling pretty sharp and I'm getting things done. Another thing for next year is a complete phone list. Speaking of phones I think the earpiece on my phone is dead so I have to use speaker phone.

At some point, I want to sit with the shooting crew and show them the raw footage. When football or basketball teams finish a game the coaches watch the game to see what did and did not work, and to look for improvement for next time. We can see which shots were most versitile, what we missed, and what we nailed.

Posted by Rob at July 23, 2005 10:21 PM
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