July 24, 2005

48 hour film project 1:43 sunday

I have to admit, I was worried. Not worried while doing the project but worried about the crew. I had never met most of these guys, the boards were quiet, it seemed like communication was not happening. I had resigned myself to having to kick ass, live on the phone, and QC. I was wrong. This group is more like a group of highly skilled friends who started a business and love doing it.

We are not complete yet, but we are so close that I have no worries. We are adding icing after review and I have not seen a single thing added that I felt was out of place. I have learned so much on this shoot. Next year will be better, more organized, more in communication. I know what these guys need, I know how to schedule them better, insert bionic sound here (da da da da da da)

While there is no substitute for talent, there is also no substitute for a team Given talent and teamwork I would choose teamwork. The dynamic never became dour. We had no squabbles, no people on pyramids. We would take breaks and talk about where we were and what was needed and any added benefit that would not cost us time, or if it would was could we mitigate the risk.

The editor is editinng, the director is editing, the after effects guy is after effecting and advising the director. The sound guys are pouring over the final sound.

I was doing Foley. I was taking some serious body blows. If you get to go see our film "The Gift" you will hear me getting beaten. I grunt good or so I've been told.

The only thing negative I have to say about participating in the 48 hour film project is that I have spent the entire weekend away from Mayumi and Oakel. If we win, if we don't take a single category, I have not seen them. I know that I have much more time to spend with them, but you can never regain time regardless of how hard you try. I wish I could find a way to involve Mayumi and Oakel, although I know it will be years before Oakel can participate in a way that doesn’t take a person to control his contributions.

Posted by Rob at July 24, 2005 01:43 PM
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