July 28, 2004

Wierd Dreams

It's tough trying to sift through my mind

I know that is no shock to people who know me. Recently I've been having some odd dreams (it was a dream that inspired me to have a blog). If I wasn't as busy as I am at work I'd blog them more but alas it isn't to be right now. There isn't really a reoccuring theme, or an element I can find to bring them all together, they just seem ... mixed bags of wierd. Jimmy for example was in one of my dreams. I picked up some bad habbits for a while from him and in my dream He had changed. I like to be open minded but I was shocked that he had changed. In fact, in my dream, he became an older black man with strong church convictions. Jimmy is several years younger than me, white, and not a church goer.

I can't wait until this lotus migration is over so I can start blogging these jems and look for common threads.

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