August 25, 2004

Today was a great day

Today was a great day, at least until early this morning. That's a quote from a co-worker describing today. In a nutshell today was one of the days you wish you could laugh at on some badly written sitcom. It's unreal the ammount of odd crazy people can be employed at one location, the number of Divas who can co-exist on one campus, and the ammount of mission-critical-official-retention-email can exist on someones hard drive and not be backed up anywhere else.

To boot, it's amazing how someone can have so much crap spyware on their system that it's almost non-functional yet scream and yell at IT if something goes wrong with their email migration. I listend to this person calmly explain to a doe-eyed sophmore that she was going to have to write to a library in a foreign country to have a microfilm of a musical score sent to her in order to do part of her assignment for a class. That seems a bit extreme to me. She had to leave during my fixing her machine to appeal, for a second time, a traffic violation she was issued because her car broke down.

Yesterday it was the self proclaimed trouble child. He told me when I walked into his office that I was in for a tough time. He began laying it on thickly, only to be uber-assed by the tech guy he asked to be present. I was astounded as I knew this guy from long before and he was such a pain that by the time I left the prof was appologising as he didn't realize how hard we were having it and thanked me for my assistance.

We had a user call the vice-chancelor of IT because he misunderstood our pre-migration technician (read student employee) and thought we were coming back to install a service pack (because hey, service pack = email migration right) and he felt we didn't give him good customer service.

On the bright side, his dean who I personally migrated, came in to talk to me about our experiences in his department as he had evidently heard some of the horror stories of our experiences. I was starting very positivly and was going to get to the crack head when the secretary spoke up about crack man. It's ok, he said, he's called me inappropriate names in front of faculty. Shortly after a memo went out to the entire department reminding them that we were professionals and not responsible for the choice to change systems and that we should be treated with respect. It's good to have people udnerstand on occasion.

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August 04, 2004


It's like someone pulling back the shower curtain on your thoughts. The sudden announcement that Mom and Dad are reading your blog!

Mom and Dad found my blog. When Mom first told me I have to admit I was a little worried about what I had written. Then I thought a minute long and figured that whatever I had written was what I thought and so should be OK. Vulgar, honest, trite, it was from me so I shouldn't worry. I guess I've joined Woody in hi moms on the internet with the exception of my parents being more likely to return again and again.

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