October 22, 2004

The Dark Tower

From strong beginnings came a weak middle. From a weak middle came a strong ending. There be spoilers here.

King did a great job with this story. One of the best opening lines in any book in my opinion "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed". I felt the stories strong, the characters fun, and the world intriguing. 2 things bother me about the series
1. Wizard and Glass
Ya lost me with Oz.

2. The final book, suddenly is narrated. We switch perspectives and story telling methods suddenly which I felt interfered with the actual story.

"Look here, no no , there. That's important, my narration is godlike. Mark this moment and mark it well, I want to include some really un-necessary attention here."

Somehow the very ending with Roland and the tower hit me hard with De' Ja Vu. I don't know when or where but I've seen that whole spiralling shrinking staircase before.

I have to say, minus wizard and glass, this is one of my top series.

Chronicles of Prydain
Chronicles of Narnia
The Dark Tower
Ender's Game (ok, until super bean)
Incarnations of Immortality

being some of the top selections.

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October 07, 2004

Who's fault is it anyway?

Maybe I'll try to help out some and be a little pro-active

Lotus lotus lotus. It all seems to be about lotus these days.
We've been migrating a faction at the university. They have their own novell netowrk running IPX because "it's a better protocol". That defines the IT guy right there. That and Tyrannosaurus breath after it's been gargling with possums. Anyhow they don't have stock UNCG accounts activated (required for lotus migration) We also can't get a bit of info we need because they aren't on our novell servers. If we go to the account activation page we can get that info. Great that's what we will do. Well, some machines would not go to the page (spyware), time out, or just not get there. Well their IT guy was going to make sure everyone was activated. He didn't. I get a frantic call from one of the project managers and he mentions we only activated 10 people. I tell him about the problems and that we were just trying to get OU and weren't taking the responsibility to activate everyone, just the ones we could and that I let Jim know that. pause. Well he didn't. That sucks I say. pause . Ok I'll call Jim. That would Rock I reply.

I'm getting good at "Point your wrath in the right direction".

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