September 09, 2004

Fear the slow days

Life in the fast lane is much more relaxed

One thing I've learned from Lotus (email migration) is that I should fear the slow days. Some of our most overwhelming days have been days when we had very little to do. Somehow work finds us, then beats us for not finding it.

I've learned that you don't discuss problems you are having while they are fresh, but let them sit for a bit so you can reflect on the cause, the problem, and what you really want from the situation.

I've learned that there is more than one fast lane. The fast lane I like runs about 130 mph with everyone in powerful, well maintained machines. The fast lane I've been thrown into is full of small asian women in SUVs, yugos, and high school students who've stolen dad's porsche. I'm confident in my ability, I fear my surroundings. .... .. construction ahead, and I fear those concrete walls of doom.

When I'm in the good fast lane I am productive, I'm getting things done. I'm feeling pretty sharp and I'm getting things done. Mt Dew my lover, my computer is my weapon. My goal is sastifaction. My name is Rob, I'm a computer gunslinger.

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