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I received a generous seed donation from K over at Rock Garden on April 18th and got them into starter pots the same day. I put them in a window and placed some lamps around them to give them a good start. Our last frost date in NH is in June. I plan to start planting Memorial Day Weekend.

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So far for seedlings I have:

Amish Paste Tomatoes
Lollipop Tomatos
Jalapeno Peppers
Another hot pepper I can't remember the name of. ^.^

Herb Garden:
Sage (Monticello Farm)
Thyme (Monticello Farm)
Cypress Vine

To be planted directly into the garden:

All Blue potatoes
Gold potatoes
Green peppers(variety tbd)
Snap beans (Contender)
Cocozelle zucchini
Silver Queen Corn

Herb Garden:

Florence Fennel
Lemon Balm


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