Rain, go away now, please.

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I've been at a stand still for the past week with the garden. We've had crappy weather outside. Rain rain rain! Then sunny. Then rain again. Oh, weird New England weather.

According to the farmer's almanac I should plant this week coming up, if not have already have planted seeds.

I want to get my squash, snap beans, and corn in the ground. Weather! Cooperate!

My seedlings are getting bigger at least. I hope they keep growing as well as they have been. I should probably weed them out soon.

Today I went to the Portsmouth Farmers Market. They hold it every weekend starting in May. Usually there are lots of plants in the first couple months, and then that changes to veggies. There's also usually a couple people selling food, eggs, and other homecrafty type stuff.

I went with the intent to buy some perennials that would attract bees and butterflies to the garden and basil.

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I got bee balm, but then I also picked up a six pack of green bell peppers.

But then I got a little plant crazy....

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Bought some lettuce. A red leaf and green leaf variety. I think along with basil and cilantro I have, I'll plant them in planters on the back deck.

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And I also bought some broccoli plants. What! I like broccoli. >.>

I do firmly believe in only buying veggies for your garden that you like and plan to eat.

Which is why I don't have carrots.

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