Herbs and the culling...

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I got a Lavender and a Chamomile plant for the garden this past weekend. The Lavender smells amazing. I can't wait for it to bloom.

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Then I began the sad and heartbreaking task of picking what tomato seedlings to keep. I kept about 8 of the Brandywine for myself and transplanted them to peat pots. The Lollipop and Amish were easier to do since they were already in seedling trays. I just pulled out the extras.

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They're already dropping their seedling leaves. I'm sure its stressful to get repotted.

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I couldn't bring myself to discard the extras. So I kept a lot of them and replanted them also. I've found at least 3 people interested in seedlings. Which I'm very happy about. It was very sad picking which ones looked better, and condemning the others to wilty death. ^.^ I'm very silly, I know. I'm hoping by the time I get ready to plant them next month, they'll have gained some height.

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