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Unsurprising But Sad

A new poll of the Carolinas finds that by a 3-1 margin North and South Carolinians are opposed to gay unions. Nationwide, 39 percent of Americans said that the law should recognize marriage between homosexuals, while 55 percent said the law should not.


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I say this as a native North Carolinian, born and raised in Charlotte, Chapel Hillian by choice for 15 years, and now a Durmite (or whatever the frell other nickname Durham residents are called by): this is a conservative Republican, WASP, Southern Baptist redneck state, with conservative Republican, WASP, Southern Baptist redneck values.

This poll result only surprises me in that so many people were willing to say to a perfect stranger that they were IN FAVOR of gay marriage.

I bet nearly everyone in favor lives in one of our three pockets of compassion, intelligence and tolerance: Chapel Hill, Asheville, and Wilmington (I don't recognize that South Carolina has ANY such pockets).