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He Will Have Much Time to Contemplate His Service

A Guilford College student is being questioned in yesterday's Play-Doh (TM) scare: he somehow sneaked modeling clay, bleach and box cutters onto two Southwest Airlines planes yesterday. He apparently was trying to make the point to the Transportation Security Agency that, um, y'know, security could be tighter.

Considering I'm going to be hopping a plane next weekend to visit one of my dearest friends in Ohio, I think this guy has done the nation a profound service. I also think, given that there aren't any "making a statement" exceptions in federal law against sneaking knives and bleach onto a plane, that he'd better be prepared to face the consequences.


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I take it you've seen the latest, which is even worse: He snuck that stuff onto the airplanes FIVE WEEKS AGO. And he emailed the TSA and told them exactly where to find the stuff. And they ignored him.